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Bancor (BNT) a platform that allows the user to develop their own liquid tokens. Each token, developed by protocol, is equipped with a specific functionality and is a "Smart Token". It has a reserve in it smart contract, this fact ensures the constant availability of some coins.
The BNT token is built on the Ethereum blockbuster and serves to facilitate access.
Bancor Network Token independently calculates its own cost and allows one party to exchange one token in another without involving the other party. Thus, the platform allows a trader or user who wants to exchange a certain coin or asset, not depend on the availability of the second party for the successful conduct of the transaction. The key parameter used for the asynchronous determination of the coin value is the CRR (Constant Reserve Ratio). It is set by the creator of the token and takes into account the balance between the reserve index and the estimated market capitalization. The change in the reserve ratio in the implementation of transactions for the sale and purchase of cryptocurrency is a significant mechanism for price correction. It grows in proportion to the amount of the transaction when it is purchased and falls in the same way when it is sold.

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