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IQ Mining
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London Wolt LP, Suite 1 44 Main Street, Douglas, Lanarkshire, Scotland, ML11 0QW
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Canada, China, Georgia, Algeria, Iceland
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IQ Mining appeared in the market in late 2016. IQ Mining service was developed by a team of blockchain and IT professionals and the number of its members is rising. The company mines LTC, ETH, XMR, DASH, and ZEC. IQ Mining runs a wide partner network of data centers in order to minimize power supply costs.

The facilities can be found in Canada, Russia, Iceland, Georgia, Algeria, China.

The company offers different contract plans.
The minimal starting amount – 0.01 BTC.
Payouts are made on daily basis and depend on contracted harsh power. 
Withdrawal limits – 1 per 24 hours.

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IQ Mining Reviews

16 March, 2020

Hadi from Iran, Islamic Republic Of


This Company is not trust able , they lower your payment everyday and higher they own hidden fees and at the start show you fake forecast and try to make a fool out of you , DO NOT put your money in there , i have 1 year contract and i was put around 10000$ there and at the beginning they pay around 45$ per day to me but its got lower everyday and now its 0 payment per day !!! 0 $ and they support tell nothing useful in return , i talked many times with support and they keep tell me about it is what it is ,they are not what they say , they pay you very good and first 3 months , after than they cut half of your income for next 6 months and they completely cut all your payments after 9 months , DO NO TRUST THEM

11 March, 2020

imi from Netherlands Antilles



13 February, 2020

John KECK from Austria


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27 January, 2020

richard walters from Australia


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24 January, 2020

James from Singapore


There are way better investments out there. Here is an example of my most recent payout and maintenance fee. 24.01.2020 00:23 Maintenance fee SHA-256 Done - 0.0002126 BTC 24.01.2020 00:23 Payout SHA-256 Done + 0.0002407 BTC As you can see the maintenance fee is 88% of my payout. My advice is to put your money somewhere else. It would take 2.7 years to get my investment back at this rate. The kicker, that it is on a one year contract! When I questioned how they can justify such high fees when they advertise much greater returns, this was the response: This forecast is indicative and does not include resell of altcoins and maintenance fee

14 January, 2020

Ali from Iraq



03 January, 2020

Mark Ennerv from Ukraine


The maintenance fees have been specified but the cost of the "resell of altocoin" has not been specified, suggesting that this is a negligible figure. They promised a daily entry of 0.00018 btc instead removing "reselle of altcoin" I don't arrive at 0.00004 btc per day. This means that IMMEDIATELY after the contract I receive 3/4 less than what they have "indicated". They marked "annual" earnings of $ 758- $ 790 as "indicative" but perhaps I will be able to earn $ 90 in a year. Compared to an estimated "indicative" profit of $ 750-790, I can agree to earn $ 600-$ 500-$ 400 or even $ 200 as the cryptocurrency market goes, but don't lose the capital delivered to you for sure. So they put an unreachable number just to attract new customers and you are now consuming all our money. I have used other mining farms, you can earn a little more or a little less, but NEVER lose for sure as it happens with you. Their marketing trap is designed to attract new customers without making them earn instead they are required BY LAW to correctly write the costs (even if in percentage). In addition, with the offer I purchased about 17000 GH / s but in my power transaction I only have 10192.80000 GH / s. When you ask for information they talk about "current BTCUSD price" and "complexity of mining" but the conditions of my contract changed IMMEDIATELY after the purchase, so nothing had changed in the price and complexity in the while. However, not much had changed to warrant from a $ 750 "indicative" to a $ 90 "real" I don't care about they fake reasons, don't use it!

27 September, 2019

Alex from Europe


Invested 1000USD and at the moment I satisfied with everything, incomes less that I thought, but still good and regular

24 September, 2019

Andrey from Latvia


Fast and legit. Got around 95% ROI back, hope this will continue.

23 August, 2019

Praful from India


Excellent experience, regular payouts. Very good service, paying daily with no problems. Would definitely recommend this service to all.

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