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CashU payment system was established in 2002 and registered in Dubai, UAE. Initially, the system was targeted at residents of the Middle East and North Africa, in particular, in the United Arab Emirates, Libya, Kuwait, Egypt, Bahrain, Jordan and others. Over the past few years the company's gradually gaining popularity in Europe and the CIS. With CashU customers can transfer funds for goods and services in many international stores and online resources (such as ITunes, Netlog, XBOX Live, Abu Dhabi Media Company, Sukarand other.), pay for online gaming, telecommunications, technology, VoIP, IT -services, make transactions for the Forex market and other.
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15 November, 2017

Marek IXC from United States of America


BE AWARE! CASHU PTE. LTD. (CASHU) is an unreliable company to handle international payments as a merchant processor in the Middle East. CASHU violated the terms of the agreement with our company IXC Capital. Partners LLC by owing and failing to pay us over US$20,000 for more than 3 months and gave no indication of paying us at all. BE AWARE! #cashu #cashupayments #paymentsystem #cashucard #merchant

25 August, 2017

Alex from United States of America


This is a confirmed actual financial scam. We had an account with Cashu as a merchant. Cashu accumulated over $1000 in our customer payments and will not transfer the money saying that they have no funds to pay. It does not matter if you are a customer or merchant. When the company says that they have no money to pay debts, you do not do business with this company and report it to police. They hide in UAE and scam everybody else from there. We obviously no longer do business with CashU and believe they will be out of business with yours and our money shortly.

11 August, 2016

banana boy from United States of America


This company is a disaster. 2 years ago this company was my favorite company to use for online transactions but as of the date I am sending this message they are refusing to let me use my money for a pic of my ID and every time I post a picture of my ID they come up with some ridiculous excuse to reject. For example, I would take a clear picture of my ID and they would say that the address is incorrect and doesn't correspond to the country I am in even though its a proper address and yes it is my legitimate address. Do not use this service unless you want to spend days fighting with them over the perfect ID photo. I will never recommend this trash to anyone. Please find another way to perform your transactions and divert your attention from their trash. At this point in time I am thinking of leaving all the money I deposited in them and find myself another service and that is exactly what they want. DO NOT USE CASHU TRASH SERVICE AND TRASH COMPANY.

22 March, 2016

Nandish H Shivamurthy from United Arab Emirates


I used 3 different credit cards to top-up my account with CashU. I still have some money left in my account and they have suspended my account and asking me to provide the scanned copy of my Credit Card, Identity Card and ridiculously what not !!!!! I don't understand, how does it matter to CashU if I used any number of cards, as long as the transaction is valid and legitimately approved from my bankers?! I closed my account with them and asked them to keep the remaining amount in my account as charity and they shamelessly kept it without communicating!! Refrain from using CashU, if you intend to make a sizeable transaction, or be ready to part with all your sensitive data with them.

08 March, 2016

Matt from Netherlands


Reliable and convenient payment system. Especially if you do freelance jobs When I used to get my paychecks to my bank account there were issues like "where I get the money" and similar unpleasant things related to taxation. Now these issues don't arise. One less problem.

10 February, 2016

Max from Ukraine


Warning!!! CashU SCAM!!! We work with them as Merchant. After long term cooperation they just do not want to transfer the remain CashU balance to bank account, they trying to find different reasons not to transfer funds. They want the proof that I’m real owner of the company, the shares at my name, all docs at my name and they still want some proof!!! Cashu not transferring funds already 7 months Absolute SCAM be careful!!!

07 October, 2015

Christian from Italy


I'd like to share my opinion here. Although registration process is not that simple as by some others, but transactions are rather fast, and they provide nice offers with some brokers where commission for depositing is significantly low. Once you pass boring registration, you enjoy their services totally! Thanks for nice service.

14 September, 2015

karim tarek from Egypt


I started using this payment system because of on-deposit bonus with my broker. At the moment, I like everything about it: convenience, ease of operations, speed of transactions. I think I shall make it my main system.

05 September, 2015

Nicos Kyriakides from Cyprus


This payment system is very handful, when I'm working with my bussiness partners from USA, and I dont need any unnecessary questions when I transfer a large sum. On the one hand it is quick and convenient, and on the other hand all the money stays in my pocket. If you know what I mean.;))

01 February, 2015

Kristof from Afghanistan


cashu as well as some other paymnt systems is my favorite. It is really easy to create an account and get full direct access to funds with them. Also, operating doesn't require much efforts. By the way, as far as I see, they're contracted with some major brokers and have wonderful offers with very low commissions for money transfer or without any commisions at all, that actually is still attracting me for a long time already))

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