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OlympTrade is an international brokerage company that provides its customers binary options trading service. The company began its trading activities in 2014 in Russia and CIS countries, after that it expanded to global business. The broker accepts deposits in all major currencies of the world, as well as in Russian rubles. OlympTrade uses a proprietary trading platform that is adapted to different screen resolutions. Also the broker provides training content for beginners who are unfamiliar with the market of Binary Options: video lessons, books, webinars.

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WebMoney, QIWI, Neteller, Skrill (Moneybookers), Visa \ MasterCard, Yandex Money
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OlympTrade Reviews

07 November, 2019

Kamal Bahara from South Africa


I'm not fond of trading options. I tried but did not succeed. Instead I found this Olymp Trade forex trading platform. You get the same assets to trade there: currencies, commodities, metals, cryptocurencies. But in this case you don't have to worry about low payout rates for some of these assets. This is not either-or kind of a thing. You buy at a certain price and then you sell at another price. Your gain and loss depend on how far the price went from you entry point. So my experience was much better at forex. I managed to double my account in just two months. I was hoping for faster results, but this is life. The harder you work, the better results you get. Myself I was not that hardworking. The only thing that I really stick to was trading along with the trend. No counter-trend trades. And it worked!

27 October, 2019

Dave Lestaree from Indonesia


I’ve checked 3 major options brokerages before opening live trading account with Olymp. They all seemed to be very similar but I liked Olymp educational programs and I think that they gave me the best value education on how to use indicators, how to control risks and trade systematically. Being grateful for this knowledge I chose Olymp to trade with real money. Little later I understood that the fact the Olymp has also got a forex platform is very fascinating too. I’m only trading forex with demo account for now, but I think that this market is more promising than options. It’s more complicated, but you can get 1:3 or even 1:5 risk reward on your trades at forex market which is not easy with options.

20 October, 2019

Eskandar from Indonesia


I started trading digital options about a year ago. Actually a little more than a year, cause I remember it was summer and I was on summer vacations. I’ve lost my first 2 deposits at Olymp. They were very small, under $50 each, but still. This was a good lesson though! After the first loss I decided that I need to practice with demo account more. This insight seemed so not obvious to me and it actually worked out well. I practiced about 2 weeks and then again made a deposit. And again started losing money. I first thought that price is simply fooling me. I would open a trade, then the price went into opposite direction from where I expected it to go. I would close losing trade with little loss and then it went back again where it was supposed to go according to my trading plan. This way I lost another small deposit. When I calmed down a bit and started analysing, I found out that when I traded with demo account I never sold my options ahead of expiration time. That was the other major insight that turned my understanding of trader’s job. Self discipline is something that matters no less that a trading system when you work on financial markets. Since then I promised myself to go away from computer after I entered the trade. Such a simple thing worked out well! Probably a year of experience is not enough to claim I’m an experienced and consistently profitable trader now. On the other hand, each month I get little extra money that I earned with Olymp. So trade smart and control your emotions. Olymp is a good place to start your trading career. Good luck!

15 October, 2019

Nawab from India


I’ve heard that most people switch from digital options to forex once they feel limited by options opportunities. My case is different. I used to trade forex with different brokerage, then switched to Olymp forex and now that I’ve tried Olymp’s digital options, I don’t wanna go back to forex any more. This is true that there are more opportunities to increase your capital with forex, however this is a very stressful work. You have to watch the trade all the time and see whether you need to exit or its too early to do so. With options I can simply enter some pending orders and forget all about them. For some reason such an attitude to a trade does not for on forex, but is ok for options. So now I trade only 2 hours a day instead of staring at a screen day and night. Yes, my profits are a bit lower now, but not significantly.

10 October, 2019

Krishna Viswanathan from India


If you are looking for a broker to trade options, then probably you need to check out Olymp trade. I learned the name of the broker from some educational videos found on Youtube. Olymp often issues such videos to explain some trading strategy or specific indicators. Simple moving average, parabollic, RTS, other indicators and strategies of various kinds based on these tools. People often get interested in financial markets as a source of so called easy-money. They are not easy at all. Glad that my broker works on busting this myth about easy money and gives its customers an idea that you’ve got to stick to some trading strategy and be able to execute it properly in order to succeed. Options payout rates on most popular assets are around 80-90%, which I think is very nice. There are some assets with low payout rates but most likely you won’t want to trade them anyway because of their low liquidity. There are some nice tools in a platform, indicators, tons of tradable instruments. That all keeps me completely satisfied with Olymp.

27 September, 2019

Connano from Indonesia


I'm so glad to have switched from Forex market to options! At present, I'm trading on Olymp Trade platform which is totally cool to me. Of course, Olymp Trade also has a Forex platform, but my primary interest is options and all this stuff. I believe that's a great asset, a very simple and efficient one. First of all, with its help you can make money literally in a couple of minutes - doesn't it sound fantastic? Plus, Olymp Trade provides very favourable conditions, due to which you can open orders with duration from 1 minute, and with a payout rate of as much as 83%. Of course, there are some nuances, and one has to treat the trading business seriously in order to succeed. But I've got a hella lot of Forex experience, and believe me - after this market, the options seem really simple, much like the analysis I have to conduct for opening them. I've just adapted my Forex-system to options - and strange enough, it appeared to be lots more efficient in this field ;)

23 September, 2019

Binod Nanda from India


I wish I could remember now why I've chosen Olymp to trade options. Right now I only know why I stay with them. Trade commissions are very transparents here. Ho hidden fees or anything. I've tried a few different brokers throughout these 3 years that I've been trading with OT as well, so I know what I am talking about. When I traded somewhere else (don't want to mention these companies here), each time I got a very unpleasant surprise that took my profits down. Here at Olymp you simply have to remember that there is an overnight fee as well and you'll never get a bad surprise about it. That's the most important thing, if you ask me.

15 September, 2019

Phi Le from Vietnam


I’m 18 and couldn’t wait to open a trading account. There are some suspicious brokers on the internet who don’t really care if their customers are under 18 or not. I consciously avoid them. My friend has recommended Olymp, because their business is regulated with some financial commission. I checked the information and has also found out that this broker’s customers’ deposits are insured. So in case Olymp goes bankrupt, we get the money back (fingers cross I don’t have to deal with this option, but good to know). My friend, who’s been trading for over 2 years now has also given me an advice to start with a demo account. Glad I did follow the advice! I don’t really understand people who say that they immediately started making millions on demo. I couldn’t even get stable profits on my demo so far. Once I can get a sustainable gain on demo, I’ll fund my account at Olymp with couple hundred bucks. Their platform is good, there are plenty of pairs to trade, entry threshold is very low, not even mentioning that you can always use practice account.

09 September, 2019

Cody Abernathy from Singapore


Hello, I would like to write a detailed review of the company. I cannot but note that my development as an options trader began precisely with Olymptrade. Here I started with a minimum deposit half a year ago. I also tried some other brokers, but they did not hook me. I encountered problems in the trading process only twice. At first, I tried to trade on options with short-term expiration, but the use of quotes bothered me. Then I switched to TF15 trading system with the 3 candle charts expiration and was able to trade more confidently and freely. I didn’t encounter any problems with the withdrawal either. The maximum delay was about 12 hours, and then I got my money. I can’t say that the broker is perfect since there are no perfect things in our world. But for beginners, both a demo and a live account are great. The minimum deposit is 10 dollars, so it really suits for newbies. But still, I recommend trying a demo account first. Thank you for your attention, and I wish you to succeed! :)

26 August, 2019

Samar Vallie from India


I was very inspired to trade after the Wall Street movie. I read a lot of books on the topic of trading. I think the best book for beginners is Murphy's Technical Analysis. I highlighted important information with markers and studied the graphs very carefully. I believe that only with this approach can you succeed in trading. My first trading platform is OlympTrade. I have been trading here for 3 years and do not want to look for another broker.

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