About DFID.org

First world charity finance related portal!

You have stumbled upon the first financial informative project that affords grounds to carry on business while contributing beneficence without any prejudice to the profit to be earned. The project is destined to provide the latest economic news that are behaviour factors and influence one or another way on the situation on financial market affecting pace and direction of currency pair movements; and objective impartial information about the leading up-market companies, upstart firms and other appearing businesses entering the market, gathered by high-qualified economists and experienced financial analysts and sorted in dependence of impartial views and comments of the users. But the main conception and the primary impulse that gave life to DFID.org was charity, and it became the integral part of the project making it one of a kind among other informative resources in financial area. Possibility to make even a little contribution to beneficence for people, requiring help, while just carrying out ordinary day-by-day tasks on operating business, can not but attract attention and involve into charity business process.

Financial aid portal foundation

The idea of creating one of a kind financial project basing on charity concepts, has come to minds of our team. Online charity auctions, meetings, web-sites, groups etc. have been practicing for decades of years already. But we decided to merge charity with the market with the largest funds turn-over, the very financial market, and its most profitable sectors. We thought that would be great to constantly deduct determined percentage from the advertising revenue for charitable deals, thus conditioning regular beneficent funds flow.


DFID.org – is the place where participants of the financial market conduct business as per usual providing poor, disabled, sick and orphans with not only material integral in view of money but also a part of their hearts. getting instead words of gratitude of those whose life was saved or became better.

Who we are

Members of DFID.org team are skilled, professional and ambitious persons with lucid minds that follow the economic situation on the Earth while being in trend of the up-to-date technical feasibilities to make visitors' staying at site more comfortable and agreeable. Their robust intellect, wide experience, sense of humor and kind-heartedness gave life and is continuously powering the portal. The team consists of people with various nations, cultures, religions, ideologies and worldviews. It takes all sort to make the world, so given this diversity of the team members, that is the easy task for them to make the portal exciting for people of the very sophisticated tastes.

Close-knit team is united with a single objective to maintain DFID.org in the lead of financial informative resources by means of caring about clients' needs, wants and requirements while keeping in mind problems of the others.

DFID.org is one of a kind project over the world that gathers financial related affinity groups in strive to get valuable information and use it to obtain profit while making them benefactors at once that care about people's welfare problems.

We are changing the world together by creating the opportunities. Opportunity to unite people around the severe social problems that can be solved just when united the efforts altogether. Ability to make our world more sympathetic and therefore better and more kind by helping people in need.
Our goal – is to create, maintain and develop effective financial business model that would cover also the interests of vulnerable social groups while not affecting the very business process. The interaction or better to say interactivity of financial sector and charity, thereby strengthening profit as well as non profit spheres and the world's welfare.

Charity philosophy

DFID.org earns remuneration by selling places for banner advertising.

DFID.org regularly deducts stable percentage of money received for banner advertising for charity projects. Each project — is a life history of specific people who require help. Each charity project is somebody's problem, history, somebody's pain and hope. Our task — is to connect those businessmen who have money while making business and are willing to help, with the people that are in need of such help.

There are a lot of websites that teach people how to smartly invest money and get profit, DFID.org is also created for such purposes, but there are a few of them that helps to wisely spend funds for the business purpose, moreover with dogooding purposes.

Everybody can become a benefactor while just doing the ordinary business. We guarantee that the charity share of your payments will definitely come to those who require help.

DFID.org is open for everyone and everybody in pursuit of profit on the financial market and who can not stay unconcerned about problems of the others can join our portal. So, be sympathetic, take care about fellowmen and stay with DFID.org!

Sincerely yours,
DFID.org team