Welcome to the information project in the financial and cryptocurrencies areas, that affords grounds to carry on successful business and stay up-to-day with the investment world and economic situation in the whole.

About us

DFID.org is the project aimed at covering hot commercial news and reports that somehow affect the market (trends development, currency pair movement) as well as providing detailed information about the key players, potential projects and other companies entering the particular segment. With the observed expansion of the cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies, we keep the track of the changes and events in these sectors (prices for digital coins, regulation, trading platforms, ICO, etc.). All information is classified into various categories and structured for more convenient search and further access to the data.


Our portal provides up-to-date prices for cryptocurrencies and ratings of the financial companies, exchangers and crypto exchanges with a brief description of the business and their features. Ratings are based on the comments and rates of the users.

Our team

DFID.org is an ambitious team of the professionals and highly qualified experts, while the advanced technologies make the use of the resource comfortable for the visitors. Solid experience along with a good sense of humor and kindness breathed new life into the project and are its main engine.

The portal is funded by the banner advertisements on the website with some of the money allocated for charity.

DFID.org team.