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Finance and Charity

Online Forex Brokers Rating is an independent information resource dedicated to finance and technology. Today it is a commercial project partially focused on charity and social welfare. Part of the fees that we charge for advertising spaces we give to those in need for their social needs. All this happens on a voluntary basis, we do not keep it secret and make our small contribution to prosperity for the entire world. While buying advertising spaces on this site, you also join this mission and help fight against poverty and damage worldwide. But still the main focus of this resource is to provide clear, transparent and intelligent information, financial news and events that happen on the money markets worldwide.'s mission is to serve as a financial data storage for better understanding to help make money markets more reachable and clear. – we rearrange financial world in favor of peace and the common good!

You will find here multiple useful financial ratings of firms and institutions gathered in one place. is equally useful for the companies and for their existing and potential customers.

Companies featured here are the largest and the most trusted by the international community of customers, that are joined not only by their engagement and interest in financial sector, but also humanistic ideology. We also believe that humanity is the key value in every sphere of life including the financial one. And we operate under the philosophy that we should stand and work together toward a common goal, as even the smallest contribution counts. Thus, when you put our logo on your website, you show your customers and partners that you are certified by the world leading financial resource and fight for peace together with us!

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Finance and Charity do coexist

Day by day when being related to the financial market, we can not but start thinking over the global importance of money in our daily life. Money presence in the abundant amounts in the lives of millionaires that we can face each day with by the nature of our activity. Absence of money in other people that we even do not consider about if that doesn't concern our life or lives of our close people. If only a part of our thinking per day accrue to welfare of the folks about us, to their problems which in reality we are able to touch changing whole fortunes without even applying extra efforts.

Orphan children, disabled people, poor incurable individuals, alone persons of riper years and many others are in need of our help, the help of people who even do not ponder over those indigents. The latest smartphone model some of us are dreaming about doesn't even dare to stand against a piece of bread for starving African children. A lot of children who have raised on the fly grow with no parents' love, bear strong, genuine and simple-hearted desire just to experience at least for a couple of moments how is that like when your mom kindly hugs you; or feel hearty dad's punishment by way of a slap upside the head when doing something wrong… Unfortunately no material possessions can substitute essential things and we can not replace them those feelings of parental love children need to perceive in order to realize they are loved and needed in this world. But we do can make their lives brighter and fill heart with hope for the better future. Join in doing good deeds and contribute to achieving world welfare by helping the others!

Let's bear kindness in our hearts, not forgetting to think over the people surrounding us and share a piece of our soul with them. Be kinder and the world will bless you by your merits!

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Mining Pools

Cloud Mining

With the financial markets developing in quantum leaps, it is really hard now to indicate the exact number of cryptocurrencies in use. It is clear that the total number has already exceeded 1,000. provides you with the list of the major digital coins, so you can see into the matter online and keep up with the price changes in cryptocurrency market at any time. You can get accurate and up-to-date data on our site with coins rates and other essential information to decide on further investments and sales.

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BTC logo  Bitcoin 2009
ETH logo Ethereum 2015
XRP logo Ripple 2013
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Listing of major Initial Coin Offerings both underway and finished with detailed reviews and ratings. It is quite simple to find attractive and potential projects that could bring you money with the help of our service on You can find here upcoming, ongoing and past ICOs. strives to provide you with the best and most accurate data to choose the most interesting and moneymaking projects but also to avoid low-perspective ones. For that purpose, the data is frequently updated. Decide on your next investment opportunity right now!

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TOT logo Trecento Blockchain Capital 2018
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You are interested in joining the big team of cryptocurrency miners or you’re just looking for new mining pool? We will help you anyway. We compare all cryptoсurrency mining pools in one place and make it easy for you to decide on what pool is a good to join and what is not, taking into account server location, average fees, the profit you can make using a certain pool. Create your first mining contract or expand existing mining business making the most profitmaking decisions with our service!

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Maxhash logo Maxhash
Pandapool logo Pandapool
2Miners logo 2Miners
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Cryptocurrency mining is making big waves nowadways. Along with traditional mining and mining pools, you also have an alterantive approach – cloud mining, without challenges with power supply, location and expensive equipment. In fact, you just rent the harsh power of the data centers located somewhere in the world. However, not all cloud mining companies are reliable partners and pay money without delays. has developed the list of the companies that provide cloud mining services. Make sure to check out it at first and only then make decision on investment into new harsh power.

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IQ Mining logo IQ Mining 2016
Cloudy Mining logo CloudyMining 2015
BitforX logo BitforX
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Binary Options

Forex Brokers

Crypto Exchange

Top binary options brokers helps you to select the right broker in order to get higher possible profit while trading binary options with success. will teach you learn how to trade binary options and how to make money with binary options trading with the help of smart selection of best option broker. Select the necessary trading instruments as commodities, indices, stocks, ETFs, etc.. Filter companies by maximum gain or payout rate, minimum deposits, regulation, bonuses and promotions, one touch option and other features of call and put options. Make comparison of the most popular binary option brokers basing on the in-depth information gathered in one place, and reach a smart decision!

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OlympTrade OlympTrade 2014
Ateh Ateh 2017
Cryptobo Cryptobo 2018
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Listing of top online Forex brokers: a number of STP, ECN companies, ranked CFD brokers, wide range of dealing desk and non dealing desk brokerages, regulated fx brokers and offshore firms, low spread, high leverage and swap free brokers, companies that support scalping system as well as other trading strategies, mt4 brokers and companies using other financial software, and many other information important for profitable Forex trading. When looking for how to start Forex trading, makes it easy to choose best broker for beginners, offering free training courses; open demo account and start to get money with Forex. Being an experienced trader, impartial trading broker reviews helps to select most trusted brokerage, open live account and earn on Forex. When it comes to seek how to invest in Forex or manage accounts in order to get investments – detailed brokerage characteristics will lead to a sound decision of a right broker to trade with. Choose the most reliable brokerage and make money with Forex!

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Saxo Bank Saxo Bank 1992
CMC Markets CMC Markets 1996
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Our list of exchangers is designed for the individuals and companies who need to find the best and most acceptable way to exchange currencies with the high security level and lowest commissions. provides all information that you need: ratings, exchange rates, general information, statistics. We non-stop monitor currency exchange rates, so you can compare up-to-date rates, choose the most profitable solutions and stop exchanging money extremely dearly. Our service will help find the place to exchange money as fast as possible and with the lowest commissions.

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CoinEx logo CoinEx 2017
Bisq logo Bisq 2014
Waves logo Waves
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Best online payment methods for financial services providers in order their traders to feel safe and comfortable when conducting money transfers. Funds protection is an issue of present interest at any times especially if talk about financial sphere. Selection of reliable payment system is a significant component of successful business running. Merchant account services, credit card processing, virtual terminals, international payments, special requirements for making deposits and funds withdrawals, moderate commissions, easiness of usage as well as other contextual advantages are reflected on rating of payment systems for selection of best payment method to become a walk-over for you.

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Payza Payza 2012
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You have already bought cryptocurrencies or maybe you are planning to buy coins, anyway, you will need a reliable and secure place to keep your coins. For that purpose, you will want to find the best wallet you can. has developed the single list of all major cryptocurrency wallets taking into account providers' rating, usability, security and extra services. Thus, we show you the providers and you just have to make your choice.

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Infinito Wallet logo Infinito Wallet 2017
Guarda logo Guarda
Coinomi logo Coinomi 2014
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Our list of exchangers is designed for the individuals and companies who need to find the best and most acceptable way to exchange currencies with the high security level and lowest commissions. provides all information that you need: ratings, exchange rates, general information, statistics. We non-stop monitor currency exchange rates, so you can compare up-to-date rates, choose the most profitable solutions and stop exchanging money extremely dearly. Our service will help find the place to exchange money as fast as possible and with the lowest commissions.

Rank Rank trend Company Founded in logo 2009
Paybis logo Paybis 2014
Changex logo Changex
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Financial Developers

Top financial software developers that has got a firm hold on the financial market. Whether you are an ordinary trader or a provider of financial services, your ticket to success consists in the right choice of the software to provide for your clients to work with. Intuitive interface attracting clients, handiness, special technical features relieving the very process, accessibility and other personal financial software features at your choice. Mobile applications, web based software development, accounting programs, Forex trading terminals, MT4 bridges, Binary Option platforms, payment gateways, and other required software can be easily created by professional programming engineers. Browse reviews of world leading financial software developer companies, their achievements estimated by the most honourable valuers – everyday traders, and catch your stream of business success.

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AirSoft AirSoft 2012
Gold-i Gold-i 2010
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Daily Forex Analysis

Sterling down again, UK Cabinet hit by new quits
15 November, 2018 15:34
Sterling down again, UK Cabinet hit by new quits

The US dollar regains positions benefiting from the events that hit the UK. Specifically, Dominic Raab, Secretary of State for Exiting the EU, has resigned being against the variant of the Brexit deal with the proposed terms. Moreover, Work and Pension Secretary, Esther McVey also quits the Cabinet. In this situation, the vote of unconfidence in the Prime Minister, Theresa May, is getting more and more real. As a result, the sterling bulls have had to step back for now. The sterling-to-US dollar exchange rate failed to take roost above $1.30, and now the rate plunged to $1.2792. The UK political drama and Brexit are in the spotlight now.

Oil market needs new support factors to strengthen
15 November, 2018 14:17
Oil market needs new support factors to strengthen

The oil market shows some signs of stabilization. The Brent prices had been already less volatile despite further bearish API report. Specifically, the prices managed to stay above the 65 handle and even moved up to 66. A slight upward trend is seen at the Thursday's trading. Last week, as the American Petroleum Institute reported, reserves of crude shale oil in the USA soared by 8.8 million bbl, while the forecast was set at about 3.2 million bbl. Petroleum reserves rose 200,000 bbl, though distillates ones decreased by 3.2 million bbl. The market insiders did not overact this data, which can mean that they the market is focused now on the statements of OPEC+ members and wait for new messages regarding oil production decreases. Specifically, these factors will be the main drivers for the Brent prices in the near term.

USA posted faster inflation in October, December interest rate rise getting more real
14 November, 2018 18:28
USA posted faster inflation in October, December interest rate rise getting more real

The USA released inflation report for October today. As the data shows, the inflation rose by 2.5% y-o-y over the period under review, coming in line with the market outlook. At the same time, the rate increased by 0.3% m-o-m, which also corresponds to the previously voiced forecasts. At the same time, the core CPI, excluding power sources and food, showed an increase of 2.1% y-o-y instead of anticipated 2.2%. Faster inflation being above the target level set at 2% will be a strong reason for the tougher monetary policy. It is highly possible that the US Federal Reserve will lift the rate during the December meeting. However, there are some players considering inflation as the key threat for the US economy to deal with.

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