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Since 06 August, 2015
China UnionPay - an electronic payment system, which is considered the only national payment system in China. The company was founded in 2002, with the assistance of the Central Bank of China. China UnionPay company includes more than 300 credit institutions in China and around the world. In 2011, the payment system was ahead in total output of cards such giants as: Visa and MaterCard on 10% and 29%, respectively. For comparison, in 2011 from January to June by means of bank cards in China was made payments in the amount of 178.6 trillion yuan (27.9 trillion dollars).
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13 October, 2016

Alex from China


it is great that I don't have so much trouble with transferring through cards. I just have to log into cabinet, open brokers account and make transfer. Great one!

25 September, 2015

Khalid Rami from Morocco


I got a virus on the computer, and all my passwords were stolen. Hackers got all my staff, but this payment system is the only thing they could not hack. Now I have more trust for this payment system and confidence to use it in the future.

21 September, 2015

Lisa from Bulgaria


Everything's good enough there. They really have qualified support that can resolve your issue regarding functioning of the system and connecting to it. I give B mark since there is the way to improve!

04 July, 2015

Gergo from Andorra


have been using unionPay from the very beginning of my FX trading. it provides everything i can ever need to carry out money operations and I don't have the necessity and I don't want to change it to any other system. Moreover, it is highly appreciated worldwide and cooperates with popular and successful brokers

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