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Electronic payment system Skrill (originally Moneybookers) was registered on June 18, 2001 in London. The company is considered one of the leaders in field of payments related to online casinos, poker, sports betting and other services in the online gambling industry. Skrill - one of the minority electronic payment systems, which is offered as payment for users of the eBay auction. The system is easy to use and manage your electronic purse, you can quickly and securely make payments, buy goods and services online and withdraw funds to credit and debit cards. Among the largest partners of Skrill there are such brands as Thomas Cook,, Skype and others.

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SKRILL Reviews

18 January, 2018

Sandeep yadav from New Zealand

If possible avoid SKRILL, they charge 7.5 % of your money if you withdraw your money. Also charge without your consent Poor customer service, slow response to emails Their exchange rates are also questionable. Complete rubbish

12 December, 2017

Annelies from Belgium


The Skrill payment system is very sensitive for phising and scamming, Skrill is one of the biggest enablers of digital crime and money laundring. Instead of doing something about it, they support it and sponsor it, since they are making money from it. It's not strange that they changed their bad name, Moneybookers, to Skrill, in order to erase their criminal past, but they have just started over... WARNING: Do not trust their platform, you are running the risk of losing all your money!

29 September, 2017

Gwen from Canada


I opened an account with skrill and added my visa debit card and bank account details, they asked me to verify my visa debit card, which they withdraw an unknown amount and you tell them and I did that correctly. I then deposited approx $499. When I attempted to deposit more money my bank blocked my account to protect me. My bank telephoned me asked me about skrill since they had not heard about them. I explained to my bank to the best of my ability what Skrill was. When I went to deposit money after the issue with my bank was done Skrill had blocked me and return the balance in the skrill account without communicating with me. I contacted them via phone and they would not tell me why and they told me to wait for an email. I never got the explanation why they had blocked me but requested I send a statement for my debit card showing the debit card number. I explained to them that I am unable to provide a statement with my debit card number because the debit card is part of my chequing account and that only reflects my account number ( the same account I had registered on the skrill account) I even went to the extent of sending them a bank stamped statement with the amounts they had returned via the debit card and was now sitting in my account. That did not convince them. I sent them emails explaining how the bank account works and even sent pictures of the bank cards attached to the account to no avail. I talked to my bank and they could not assist me. Out of frustration I closed my account. Unfortunately the vendor I need to send and receive money from uses Skrill and requested I open a skrill account. I requested that the reopen the skrill and was declined which I am okay with but to insinuate lying and fraud is wrong. I have a PayPal account I have never been asked to provide my picture with my government ID or proof of residence and yet I use the same account and card that I sent to skrill only to be accused of lying and fraud.Really?? If I wanted to defraud would I send my address and picture of myself? I challenge skrill to contact my bank and research about the type of chequing account the bank has and what cards come with the account. I feel they failed to do their research. And to accuse the customer of lying and fraud about something they know nothing about. If my bank had not heard of skrill before I am very doubtful skrill knows any of the products the Canadian bank offer and I think they need to know that information to be able to provide a good service to Canadians. At this present moment I will not recommend skrill to anyone. I am very disappointed with their service.

27 July, 2017

Oleg from United States of America


First of all, I was forced to use your service by seller from Alibaba, that was unable to return my money to PayPal. Second, I was able transfer back only $14, and then system stuck, and not allow me to do anything, and i were unable to find any way to contact anyone for help, I leave it alone till time I will be able to use it. None of reminders has been received, otherwise I will respond with question how to transfer funds if system not allow. Right now site looks different than in 2012 and I was able to find a way to send email, but my money already get stolen. Stolen because, no way to contact, no reminders, no any help. Thank them for "great" service. I will never use it again, and will not recommend it to anyone.

28 April, 2017

sarah from Ukraine


They dont pay money. I make withdrawal 2 weeks ago. Still didnt receive my money... Bad service. Don't use Skrill.

11 December, 2016

Uri from Thailand


After using several years they have locked my account (having significant money left on balance) without any reason. Support does not respond to any my requests. Wrote about dozen emails. Nothing. Silence. They just took my money and ignore me now.

12 September, 2016

Joseph from Israel


great services is given by skrill. the best payment platform for me. but their security system seems to be simple?

01 February, 2016

Francisco from Spain


This is a very convenient payment system. After I added it to my website I got a decrease in support tickets and much less bank payment to process and orders to check. For me these are the signs of being good desidion to add this payment system.

10 January, 2016

Matteo from Italy


Let's just say for the user it's one of the best and simplest solutions. Fast registration. Simple interface. The main thing is that everything is clear and on intuitive level.

09 October, 2015

Eduardo from Colombia


Previously I've used WebMoney to deposit my broker's account but after re-installing of OS I had some troubles in renewing of access to my e-wallet, so I changed WM to this system. Now I don't need even to install some software to my PC - I can make an everything exactly from their web-site. It is much comfortable for me.

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