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As a fast rising payment processor powered by an innovative team of developers and security experts, MegaTransfer exists to allow people to buy products, sell their works, and send money online without worrying about trust or security. Their services are unmatched in protecting the safety of each transaction and ensuring that all funds reach merchants' intended recipients quickly and without any complications. With MegaTransfer you get the means to improve your overall online experience to a level you didn’t know to be possible. All of this is a part of their mission to be on the forefront of online innovation and raise the standards in delivering first class service to customers and clients around the world.

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MegaTransfer Reviews

04 December, 2017

MegaTransfer from United Kingdom

Dear "Matthew King from United Kingdom", Thank you for sharing with us your world of fantasies. Let us now try to return to a "less creative" reality for a second. First of all, there is no client named "Matthew King" in our system. This leads us to conclusion you have placed your "honest review" from a fake name. One could wonder why would a person use fake name to place supposedly "honest reviews". Possible reasons are: - review is written by a person who never had account, just to claim some negative information for whatever reasons; - review is written by a person who understands he can bear legal responsibility for placing defamatory and misleading statements in the Internet; - combination of the above. The only question unclear is with what purpose did you place a "scam review"? If you are a real client who has a "sad and full of scam story", please feel free to share. Otherwise one may conclude your statements are as fake as is your "name".

03 November, 2017

Matthew King from United Kingdom


Owner/CEO of this is Ildar Sharipov - same owner of Instaforex and Forexmart - which are scams. Beware of this shit. CEO must be known publicly and not hiding unless he is hiding from his victims. Do not trust this company.

29 August, 2017

Ghazanfar maqsood Dar from Pakistan

I tried to open the acouny and found lot off errors hope the seevive will be poor

25 July, 2017

Robson from Germany


Please not open account with megatransfer, this russian service never send your withdrawal! I waiting 23 days is scam service!

18 July, 2017

DANIELE from Cyprus


Delay on payments without any reason. Stay away from this SCAM!!! Ponzi scheme

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